Co-Partners for Christ

sharing grace, empowering people


Co-Partners is a religious charitable organization that provides temporary relief and empowering resources to the impoverished, remote and displaced.  Co-Partners will provide food, shelter, clothing, medical supplies, life skills training and services necessary for life and health to people in poverty or who have been displaced by natural or other causes, regardless of religious affiliation.  Co-Partners will do this directly and by cooperating with other organizations.

Ministries Happening Now:


*Empowerment House, 11801 China Spring Road, Waco, TX.


*Feeding, Health and Educational Services in Junquillo

and Danli, Honduras.

    *Base of Operations for Teams and ongoing

    services on property at Junquillo, Honduras.

*Partnership with Recreando la Esperanza, in Saltillo, Mexico


    *Transport Supplies

    *Transport Personnel for Services


Co-Partners for Christ

11801 China Spring Road

Waco, TX 76708


Full-Ministry Partners

Journey Christian Community

Journey Lorena

Ministry Paratners

Leesville Baptist Church

1st Baptist Church, China Spring


Co-Partners for Christ: Empowering the Disadvantaged and Displaced through Relationships and Resources for Better Lives; Domestically and Internationally.

    *establish ongoing services that empower people by...

        supplying transitional aid

        educating for advancement

        counseling for emotional and spiritual health

        providing childcare and development

    *connect people to resources

    *cooperate with other organizations

    *transport provisions and personnel

    *train personnel for services

AboveLeft, Playing a game with the children we serve in Honduras. Right, Back to school party for our Summer program.